Can my child have a drone?


Drones are fashionable gifts. My opinion:A toy drone is not a toy.Especially for a very young child.On the other hand, I know children of 4-5 years who made their first flights accompanied by an adult.
The adult must know how the drone works.He shows the child how to drive his little machine. This framework is important.
Some technical knowledge is not really accessible to a very young child: Calibrate the accelerometer,change a propeller, charge a battery.

And be careful! A drone is fragile! There is little risk of injury with a liitle toy drone (be careful with their eyes.) A child alone will not be able to fly the drone under good conditions. He will be frustrated and the device will end tragically.
On the other hand, a young child, with the help of an adult will understand how the drone works very fast, faster than an adult!
Then, from 12-13 years, (or even less if he is resourceful), a child will be able to fly alone easily with a little drone.


A drone to do what?