DJI Phantom: A drone dedicated to taking pictures and movies
DJI Phantom: A drone dedicated to taking pictures and movies

A drone to do what?

Fly obviously! To make fly things, it's a kid's dream. A dream that has become accessible recently. And your living room becomes a playground, your library becomes a landing strip!

It's only a beginning! Drones can make movies, take pictures. A little drone toy will do ugly movies (but it's funny) whereas some drones will make perfect 4K pictures.



Mask FPV to start
Mask FPV to start

You can also be in total immersion with glasses or masks FPV (First Person Vision).Thanks to the camera embedded on the drone, you become a bird: you are in the machine.

There are also racers, these drones piloted in FPV able to rise to more than 125 mph/h (180 last world record). You've definitely seen racing videos: We think we're in Star Wars!

Other discipline: free style. It is about making acrobatic figures with an overpowered drone.
The images of this discipline, you can find also on youtube. It is magnificent, impressive, and also very technical!

And finally, you have those who make a mix of all this: drones doing incredible acrobatics in beautiful places.
The great control of the flight, the power of the machines, the precision of the pilot make it possible to sublimate known places and see them from an angle never seen before.

There is something for every taste and every budget.
Some disciplines appear to you to be inaccessible, but this site proposes to you to start with the beginning,
With small drones. Nothing to settle, no need for technical knowledge: we turn on and it flies ....


But how much does it cost?

flight in immersion