What drone?


Whatever drone you choose, most importantly: avoid drones that drive only with a smartphone. It is impossible to drive well with a phone!

I give my selection. This list is not exhaustive. I am simply quoting the drones with which I started, and that made me want to continue. These are easy and reliable drones.
Their autonomy is low (3-4 minutes) for 30 minutes of charge. It seems not huge but when you start you need a lot of concentration. After 3 minutes, you are happy when it stops! On some models it is possible to change the batteries, thus multiplying the autonomy.

Inevitably, these are Chinese brands. You will also find drones that I recommend under other names, depending on the shop where you buy. The name changes, but they are exactly the same devices!

To the question which drone to choose, I made my choice. (oct 2017)
For a beginner, less than 15 $, my selection is:


A great device. Handy, stable, reliable, solid. Its propellers are completely protectes, so very little breakage! Its battery is removable: do not hesitate to buy several to chain the runs. A must to start.

This drone is to be used exclusively inside. It is sold on some sites around 10$



One of the easiest drones to fly. Unlike other devices, it has a barometer that allows it to automatically stabilize the flight height. Thus, you no longer have to adjust the throttle and you can pilot the drone very simply. This drone can therefore be used by young children (under supervision of an adult).

The battery of this drone is not removable. Also plan to buy propellers as well as protections: essential if you do not want to change propeller every 2 minutes!

There is a variant: the CX10W that can record videos and that is a good drone too.

Above all, avoid the CX 10. Probably the cheapest drone on the market, but the worst too. It will disgust you with drones!


Very solid with its protections of integrated propellers, this drone is very nervous. It can be used indoors, but also, as shown by the video outside in low wind. Fast, light and handy, it nevertheless requires good reflexes. It may not be the very first drone to buy if you have never touched such a device, but it is certainly the second!

The battery is removable. Plan extra batteries and some propellers.

That's just my opinion. There are certainly plenty of other good devices, and new ones will emerge. (I will add from time to time).

To choose a drone, do not hesitate to read the customer reviews on the Chinese site. There is certainly cheating, but a drone that has thousands of very positive opinions should not be so bad. Personally, I was rarely disappointed using this method. Please also ask other websites


Where to buy?

Other drones tested

After my selection of the best drones of the whole universe, here are also some interesting devices to start:

- from 15 Euros JJRC H2OH Welcome to the world of Hexacopters!

First test with a hexacopter, that is to say a 6-propeller machine. One notices immediately its very good stability, as well as its agility. The automated loopings are very nice with this unit, and if you set it to speed 3 (the highest), the control becomes very vivid. The H2OH has a barometer that allows to hold its altitude without having to touch the throttle . In addition, take-off and landing are automated. An easy grip therefore, even if the H2OH proves to be sometimes capricious, rising or falling unexpectedly, but nothing serious ... Its propellers have integrated protections, and the plastic of the drone is very solid. In conclusion it may not be the drone to buy first, but it allows to discover cheaply the peculiarities of a hexacopter.