Mode 1, mode 2?

When you buy, there is a crucial question you need to answer (and you do not understand when you start). You will be driving in mode 1 or mode 2? You have not even ordered your bazaar that you need to know technical terms.

But what are these modes? !!
To choose randomly is not the solution. Especially as this choice will condition your reflexes forever, your way of driving. If you learn mode 1, it will be very, very difficult to go back in 2 and vice versa.


That's what I understood of these modes: In fact the orders are reversed

Mode 1: the least widespread. throttle control on the right. This is the mode used by the pros.

Mode 2: Left throttle control. Very widely used.

I chose this mode 2 because it is easier to find. After that, it's up to you to decide. The idea is to choose a mode, then to keep it.