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All videos and music are "handmade" by Pigvador and all the team. Sorry for the poor English!

Small flight with a customized Eachine QX95. The engines are Racerstar 8520 53500RPM and the camera one Eachine X73. The engines are more powerful than the originals. The camera, not really better at the image level however is much stronger. (I broke two before changing models). These small modifications make this QX95 more sympathetic!

Runcam2: mounting on a cap
Small low-cost editing for first-person video. The RUNCAM 2 (often installed on a drone) is here fixed on a cap. In 5 minutes, you are ready to make a reportage, to shot drones but not only ...

A small holiday flight that ends with a lizard kiss!
Drone: QX95

Eachine has excellent drones. But sometimes, it's less good. I had a great price on Q90 (less than 30$!). So, I decided to try it. Some points are positive: 2S Battery for a lot of power, whereas the battery attachement is horrible, a single elastic (take spares).

A lot of power, but Q90 is too nervous. I can't fly correctly, and I can't redress the drone unbalance  when I make a flight error. Q90 needs great spaces and a good pilot. I had to climb trees for recover my frog, and In the end I broke a motor. It's not a very good experience! Moreover, the camera is pretty poor.

You can try it if you are a good pilot, but maybe you will prefer a brushless drone, more nervous and powerfull.

A first try with an Hexacopter, that is to say a drone with 6 propellers. Quickly, we can notice good  stability and agility. Automated loops are very pretty, and  the piloting can be very nervous. H2Oh has a barometer, that is to say it can hold the height without using the throttle control. Take on and take off are automated. Easy to drive, but it can be sometimes capricious. Its blades are protected, and plastic is very solid.
As a conclusion, it's a good drone. It should not be your first drone, but it's a good idea if tou want to try an hexacopter.

A small Eachine QX95 flight in a sumptuous decor: The Galibier road. This road closed until mid June has become legendary thanks to the Tour de France. Filmed with a little camera and a smartphone, this video show beautiful mountain scenery. Do not miss the end. It shows how dangerous are the drones!

Today we take the tools and We open the belly of the drone. To start, a simple tutorial. Change motor for Cheerson CX10W. How to tie a cable, weld.

Eachine H8S 3D is a fantastic drone. It's not a toy. It is very nervous. The speed selector able you to adjust the fly. So you can have a lot of fun inside or outside according to your level. It goes fast, It goes high, it turns fast. Very good sensations for a small price. Be careful, it's a lightweight drone. It will very good outside if there is not too much wind. This drone ca do a flight inverted (3D). Funny but not usefull in my opinion.

Pigvador crashtest : Eachine QX95

Poor Eachine QX 95 was ruined by Pigvador. This very easy to handle little drone takes a good knocking, but it has its limits, expecially when you start!

But how strange to put concrete girder in an underground car park ...

Generally speaking, this video shows the importance of having spare parts for your device. This is not what costs the most, and having a spare engine, propeller, or even a chassis, can always be useful ! That way, your drone doesn’t stay too long without flying. The advantage of the QX95 is that you can take everything apart without making a single welded join ... (or almost!) Last but not least, when you start in FPV, do it in large spaces! It avoids exploding everything!
And the QX95 ? gIt is a very agile little drone, really pleasant to fly. With an autonomy of 4-5 minutes, it is quite easy to pilot, unlike the beginning of the video shows. It requires a few small adjustments under Cleanflight, including the adjustment of flight modes and the arming of engines, but it's not difficult.The PIDs are originally well adjusted, so don’t worry for that! The LED headband is very bright in the back, but it’s very useful in the piloting. It’s a good drone that flies very well as long as you dont break it! We move to a higher stage compared to the beginner drones Eachine E010, Cheerson CX10. But this is a good way to start ‘getting your hands dirty » !

THANK you Hira for the translation :

Test of the Cheerson CX 10D
Cheerson CX-10D is small, but it flies very good. It can go fast if you want and its barometer allows to beginners to fly well quickly.
A very little machine, very affordable. I think this drone is very good for beginners.

Pigador make a film with the eachine E010. This drone dance on the Ben's music...

Test of the JJRC ROCK CRAWLER.  Use of Runcam 2 for parts of the movie. A very good buggy for children. It climbs everywhere! It's perfect for playing at home without breaking something.