Can I drive a drone?


 If you are able to read these lines, you can certainly learn to fly a drone. Start slowly with a toy that can be driven in an apartment.
However, as in any hobby, one must have certain qualities.

Be persistent: Generally, the first flights and the first drone end badly! The drone finally exploded, it breaks down, It flies off... Outside, it loses it in the trees or the clouds...

All beginners have these problems, this is not a shame! You need some time to learn and acquire habits. Do not be discouraged!

Being a gamer is an advantage: The habit of using a joystick allows to progress more quickly. Except that we are in real life! Driving error can be expensive: propellers broken, drone lost or broken, green plant destroyed...

Being a handyman: A drone is a mixture of mechanics and electronics. At one time or another, it will be necessary to intervene on the drone, if only to change a propeller.
Quickly, we can be confronted with some breakdowns. Changing an engine requires opening the drone.
Fortunately, the internet is there, and very well-made tutorials can help you save your device.


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